Webcam Recursion Browser Sketch


I've been learning Processing and p5.js lately, and exploring taking live video inputs and manipulating them using arrays. This is a new sketch which takes your image from the webcam or phone camera and then resequences it with versions of itself.

Many thanks to Dan Schiffman for his "Mirror" code in the Processing Examples which inspired this. If you are looking at getting into coding with Processing or P5.js you should definitely check out The Coding Train.

Try it yourself here
Find the code here


Web Art Experiments

I've been working on creating some auxillary works in p5.js lately, these are prototypes of further works which will run in your browser and be accessible to people outside of a gallery environment. Links/Descriptions below.


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This is a interactive browser artwork which randomly seeds pixels onto a canvas. The user's mouse becomes a brush onto which they attempt to delay the inevitable. Link here.

Bridge Cut-ups

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An addendum to The Bridge(2018), a traumatic short story is cut up resequenced on the screen in an nonlinear narrative. A representation of anxious memory found here.

Speech Jammer

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In this work, "delayed auditory feedback" uses your computers microphone and headphoens to break down and fragment speech. The google chrome speech API is then used to translate your deconstructed speech onto the screen. A protype can be found here. Headphones are strongly advised as the audio algorithm creates a feedback loop between input and output.


Interface at Kings Artist Run

Interface is a group exhibition exploring technology and its effect on human communication. I'm showing two works: The Bridge and Delayed Communication. Interface is running Feb 9th - March 4th. Come down to Kings and check it out!

Facebook event here.
King's ARI page here.