As well as pursuing my arts practice I work as a freelance collaborator on a variety of arts-related projects.

Some projects I have worked on:

Oompah! @ Artplay (2018)

Role: Interaction design, programming, sound design, composition.

Great Movements of Feeling @ Gertrude Contemporary (2018)

Work: Helen Grogan, splitting open the surface on which it is inscribed, 2018

Role: Sound Recordist, Mixer

Anticipation is half of the seduction @ Blindside (2018)

Exhibition Site:

Role: Sound Recordist, Consultant, Mixer

Primary Skill Sets

Location Sound Recordist:

With a wide array of microphones and professional field recording equipment, I am able to capture and record the best possible audio needed for your project on site.

Specialist Sound Recording

For my own practice and in collaboration, I have a special interest in capturing hard to record or uncommon sound sources.

Recording heartbeats, 2018

Recording body sounds

For previous clients I have recorded heart, lung and body sounds, electromagnetic resonances from computers and phones and internal sounds picked up through transduction.

Recording ice melting

Recording melting ice

Interaction Design and Programming

With a particular knowledge of popular creative arts programming languages such as Max/MSP, Arduino, Processing and p5.js, I can construct a custom tailored interface for your next project.


For past clients I have built MIDI routers, interactive sound sculptures and custom hardware solutions to help them achieve their creative and practical needs.

Live Sound

Coming from a background in Sound Art, my passion lies in creating a mood and atmosphere that helps foreground the source material in a physical space. This often means making decisions on site and in the planning process that will facilitate this.


I have mixed live gigs, experimental art performances and theatre productions.

Mixing and Sound Design

As well as capturing sound on site, I can provide mixing facilities and post-video sync work for small scale projects or individual clients.


If I could help with any or all of these, please feel free to email, or fill out the contact form below with your enquiry.